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 LinkedIn Profile 

99% of Employers will view your LinkedIn Profile before ever reaching out to you!

In today's competitive job market your LinkedIn profile can often be what will make or break your candidacy.

Did you know that having a profile photo means you are 22x's more likely to be viewed on LinkedIn? And 9x's more likely to receive connection requests?

It takes more that a photo to optimize your profile. Don't take chances with an incomplete profile - market your expertise and value add by optimizing your profile today! 

Uplevel Your LinkedIn profile!

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Resume Writing

🎯Target to communicate your value and ‘stand out’ against the competition!

Managing the complex challenges of today’s job search marketplace requires many elements. 

One of those is a strong ‘targeted’ resume that contains compelling content, market’s your expertise, establishes your brand message, and speaks to a particular employer’s needs.

Transform Your Resume!

    Complimentary Resume Consult

New Clients - 20 minutes - US only

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Interview Prep Coaching

Never Wing-it! Employers in today's job market expect candidates to be prepared!

Job interviews are nerve-racking enough as it is, but being unprepared can ensure you won't get through to the next round.

Be ready with your personal pitch, strengths, weaknesses, accomplishment stories, questions for the employer, and an effective follow up process.

Don't cheat yourself out of a possible offer by heading in unprepared!

Improve Your Interview Skills!

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But Wait... That's Not All

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Executive Bios

Do you have a strong, up to date, well-written bio? 

A bio is a useful tool to present to media groups, conference organizers, Board of Directors, or recruiters.

It’s a great 1-page ‘quick stat’ sheet to communicate quickly who you are and what you do.


Cover Letters

Stay ahead of the competition with a ‘targeted’ cover letter that complements your resume and strengthens your professional positioning.

You may like to believe that employers don't require cover letters any longer, but that's not always true.

Frequently employers will request that you supply your resume and cover letter in the application process.

Those who do not supply the cover letter often put themselves out of the running without even knowing it.

Search Coaching

Need help being pro-active instead of re-active or even paralyzed in your search?

Job Search Coaching can be the answer.

Get assistance in setting up your strategy, creating your target market, job shopping, and learning how to increase and cultivate your professional network, and gain access to the hidden job market.

Step into your value-add and gain the confidence you need in your search.

Hidden Job Market

You may have heard the term the 'hidden job market,' but what is it, and how do you access it?

Did you know that 80% of new jobs are landed through your contacts and the hidden job market? 

Only 20% of new jobs are landed through advertised positions... only 20%! 

Most candidates never even hear back from an employer when they use the advertised marketplace to find a job.

Accessing the 'hidden job market' can be the key to success in your search.


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