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Interview Questions You Can Ask

Interviewing is truly an art and takes a lot of preparation, practice, and confidence.

One of the things that candidates can tend to leave out of their prep process are the questions that you can ask the interviewer when the interview is nearing the end.

Asking questions is actually an extremely important part of the interview and can hold a lot of weight with the employer, so advanced preparation on your part is essential.

The reason you want to have several questions in mind is that some may be answered during the normal course of the interview and at the end of the interview you don’t want to sound like you’re struggling to come up with good questions. Right?

So, add this to your interview prep process and decide ahead of time what questions you’ll ask - here are a few you may want to choose from:

♦ What are the goals for the first 90-days in this position?

♦ What does success look like in this position and how is it measured?

♦ What are the most challenging aspects of this position?

♦ What do you believe are the most important things for new hires in your organization to do to ensure a good fit with the company culture?

♦ What’s your favorite part about working for this company?

♦ Is this a new position? If not, what did the last person move on to?

♦ Is there anything we’ve discussed so far that concerns you about my fit for the role?

♦ What do you believe makes someone really excel in this position?

♦ How do I compare with other candidates you‘ve interviewed?

♦ What are the next steps in the process?

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